About Us

COU COU is a modern French-style patisserie that will satiate your cravings for scrumptious everyday indulgences. Be it your morning coffee and pastry to commence the day, daily yummy treats, or evening drinks with friends, we are here to integrate some extra love throughout the day. For those who appreciate good food, new flavours, travel, unique adventures and experiences - COU COU is for you - the cosmopolitans, the sophisticated, the exposed, the young and young at heart. It is for the epicurean in us all, for those looking for a cosy corner or an all-day social reprieve.

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At COU COU, everything is done with a unique twist while at the same time being rooted in technique and tradition. Everything we do – is with love and the utmost care. Whether it be the passion that we make our croissants with or our service's welcoming spirit, we are here to make our guests' day brighter. We are luxurious, chic, and accessible all at once, where you can be yourself, by yourself, or surrounded by your people.

Our Vision

To be New India's favourite multi-unit lifestyle patisserie that aims to be a must-visit and frequented lifestyle space in India today and in the future.

Our Stort art of COU COU
Vision of COU COU
Our Story of COU COU

Our Mission

Make COU COU a must-visit lifestyle destination in multiple cities where it can become a member of your community in multiple cities across India, Create memorable moments and experiences through food, beverages, and artisanal products made to the highest level of quality, exceptional service, and a welcoming, chic, and dynamic venue. Embrace and embody luxurious and personalised service ethos and operational expertise to create a brand that is recognisable for its unique experience and high quality. Constantly innovate and evolve to keep the concept fresh, exciting and differentiated - keeping the New Indian consumer engaged and being recognised as an Indian brand around the globe.