Best Dinner Places Mumbai

All meals are important but when it comes to dinner, going out has a very special charm. This is probably because having worked throughout the day, we are looking forward to relaxing and de-stressing over a dinner outing. And hence, the best dinner places must fulfil several criteria. They should have a good ambience that puts customers at ease and encourages conversation. All the elements of the ambience must work together for this purpose. For e.g., the music should not be so loud that visitors are not able to hear one another. Another criterion is the service. Self-service restaurants make for terrible dinner destinations since the last thing that you want to do after an exhausting day is to go from counter to counter. Thus, not only should the ideal restaurant offer table service, but the staff should also be attentive, so that customer needs are taken care of. It should recognise the fact that the service staff needs to pay attention to every detail so that the customers are free to enjoy and have a good time.

The city of Mumbai is home to 87,000 restaurants as per a report (Source: The Hindu Business Line). These serve diverse cuisines from the world over, including Chinese, Japanese, Italian and Mexican. However, if you want to sample French food for an upcoming date night, not only do we have the perfect recommendation, but it also meets all the above-mentioned dinner place requirements. We are talking about COU COU, a patisserie that also functions as a boulangerie, viennoiserie and chocolaterie, in the hip Jio World Drive mall. Before we discuss it, let us describe these terms.

A patisserie is broadly explained as a French pastry shop, though the term is used in other European countries like Italy, Belgium, and the UK as well.. Boulangerie, on the other hand, is the French word for a bakery. That said, a bakery in France must bake bread on-premises to be called a boulangerie. Hence, think of them as bakeries specialising in bread-making. A viennoiserie is a bakeshop that makes preparations that are richer and sweeter than those of boulangerie. The concept has Viennese origins, hence the name. Think of viennoiseries as a bridge connecting boulangeries and patisseries. Lastly, a chocolaterie, as the name suggests, is a chocolate manufacturer.

These may be too many tags to explain a dinner place, but make it the centre of your next dinner plan and you would find it totally living up to your expectations. The menu would have you spoilt for choice. If you are a gym rat, have soup and salad. If you are coming with your partner for a date, we suggest the cheese platter with wine. If you are famished, have a filling crepe. Regardless of the main course, don’t forget to conclude your dinner with a dessert. We recommend their signature product, Ispahan, a rose, raspberry and lychee-flavoured pastry. Irrespective of what you opt for, COU COU is guaranteed to make it to your list of the best dinner places in Mumbai.

They can be reached on 22-35123901 or +91 9082856779.