Best Coffee Shops in Bandra Kurla Complex / The Best Coffee Shops in Mumbai

There are innumerable reasons why people go to coffee shops. You might be meeting a friend after long and need to catch up with them. You might be going on a date. You might be meeting a business/work contact, and so on… Regardless of the reason, unlike places like the cinema, food courts & markets, coffee shops have a relaxed vibe, for their customers to slow down and have heart-to-heart conversations. (Or as the French would call them: tête-à-tête) Good coffee shops have seating that doesn’t just complement their overall theme and design but offers privacy to talk as well. With all these factors, it is no surprise that coffee shops have an indispensable part of our modern-day culinary scene.

Speaking of cuisine, coffee shops offer numerous coffee preparations like espresso—a pure shot of coffee, americano—espresso that has been thinned down with water, macchiato—espresso that is topped with milk foam, and so on. While coffee or café (Yes, the French word for coffee is café!) forms the bulk of the beverage menu, some other drinks like tea are also available. These are usually served in both, their hot and cold, forms. The food menu consists of savoury and sweet snacks alike that go well with coffee. Often, this includes pastries, cookies, puffs, sandwiches and wraps. Usually cooked and baked at the coffeehouse chain’s main kitchen(s), the food is simply reheated and given a final touch before serving. However, this is not the case at COU COU.

COU COU is a trendy patisserie at the upscale Jio World Drive mall in BKC, Mumbai. Even though it’s best described as that, i.e., a French patisserie , it is the first place that we think of when it comes to the best coffee shops in Bandra Kurla Complex. Situated in a very convenient location—the ground floor of the mall, COU COU offers great coffee, just the way you like it. Apart from the variants mentioned above, café crème—espresso that has been topped with cream, and café latte—espresso that has been blended with milk, are also served. However, unlike most coffeehouses, you also get a range of gourmet teas here. For a really special date, share a hot chocolate with your partner.

What is also dissimilar to other coffee shops is the food menu of this place. It is vast, consisting of choices like croissants, sourdough sandwiches, puff pastry, salads and a lot more! The best part? Everything is prepared on the premises, including the bread for sandwiches! In fact, freshness is the main inspiration behind COU COU’s menu. The patisserie-restaurant is headed by Chef Pierre Storti and Chef Pratik Deshmukh, who specialise in bread & pastry-making respectively. Chef Storti brings rich experience from France, the UK, Qatar and Brazil, while Chef Deshmukh has worked extensively with The Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, the pioneer of the Indian hospitality industry. With such acclaimed chefs leading the place, it is little wonder that freshness and quality are its cornerstones.

We suggest that you gather your close friends, confidante, partner & loved ones, and visit COU COU this weekend for coffee of your choice and some great accompaniments. You can call up on 22-35123901 or +91 9082856779 if you have any queries. Alternatively, you could fill up the short Contact Us form on the website homepage.