Breakfast Places in Mumbai

There is an old saying urging people to have breakfast like a king, which we wholeheartedly agree with. The first meal of the day almost always sets the tone for the rest of it. Not to forget, having not eaten for several hours (while one is asleep), the body needs vital nutrients for smooth functioning. As we are aware, the choice of ideal breakfast differs from region to region, or, broadly, country to country. It might be of interest to our readers what the French have for brekkie, and that’s what we plan on discussing here today.

An average breakfast in France consists of a hot beverage, usually coffee. Most of us, no matter our places of origin, need to begin our day with caffeine, and the French are no different. It goes without saying that whether the coffee is black or white is a matter of personal preference. However, a constant is bread, which accompanies this hot drink. (Source: Offbeat France) There’s nothing like a freshly baked croissant with coffee, available at thousands of viennoiseries / bakeries in the country. Rich, flaky and light, they are undoubtedly the best way to kickstart one’s schedule. Even though they are heavenly without any fillings, chocolate lovers often opt for pain au chocolate, the rectangular version with a chocolatey interior! Others may prefer the humble baguette (French loaf bread), torn into pieces for dunking in coffee. (Source: The Spruce Eats) Let us also add here that some replace the coffee with hot chocolate on chilly winter mornings.

Thankfully, for a truly French breakfast experience, you don’t need to go all the way to France! COU COU, the Patisserie-restaurant, at Jio World Drive in BKC, brings all this to you in Mumbai itself. One of the two head chefs, Chef Pierre Storti learnt the craft of bread-making in France before working in countries like the UK, Brazil, Qatar, and now, India. The result: COU COU sells the best croissants and breads in Mumbai! A visit to the place for breakfast, with your COU COU tribe, i.e., beloved, family, friends, confidante and loved ones is a must! From pain au chocolate to coffee of choice, they do it all! But it’s not just the food that makes COU COU one of the best breakfast places in Mumbai.

Mornings are best spent in peace. Nobody likes noise and chaos right at the start of the day, when one should ideally be reflecting and preparing themselves for what lies ahead. Just in accordance with this belief, is COU COU’s cosy and peaceful ambience. The spacious seating means that you have your space to think about stuff if you are dining solo, or chat and gossip if you are visiting with your COU COU tribe.

So, why wait for your next trip to France? Call on 22-35123901, 22-35123902 or +91 9082856979 for more details and visit tomorrow morning!